Have you recently experience a home invasion? Or perhaps there's a real threat and you wish to add locks around your premise to keep you protected and safe? All doors in your home leading to the outside should have dead-bolt locks.

Deadlocks or deadbolts are a type of locking mechanisms often installed in main doors for added security. A deadlock, whether it's cylinder managed, is either single cylinder or double cylinder. Considering the requirement of the door and the homeowner is to be done before installing a dead bolt lock.

Deadbolt might be effective in deterring crooks and burglars but won't work as efficient as expected if improperly installed. Someone with the proper know-how and equipment shall install the locking mechanism. It still best to depend on a locksmith expert then doing the job yourself. Locksmith companies do not only send the proper technician and offer quality dead bolts, they can install it for you in the most proper way.

So if you want to make sure that you have a stronger security and quality deadbolt installed, pick up the phone and call our experts. We'll make sure that you get the type of lock you need for your doors at a reasonable price.